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    Sara Biffen, “The Limbless Wonder”

    Her parents thought her a “Pixie Child,” but she lived to paint Edward VII and the Ex-Kaiser’s mother. “Aye, thou can coom in now, Garge Biffen, it’s a girl. And marcy on us, what a girl!” Said the matronly looking, poorly clad woman as she opened the door of the sleeping room, which was feebly lighted by two flickering rushlights, and admitted George Biffen, the father of the new-born child. “An’ how be Sarah, Mary?” he asked, in the slow but not unmusical drawl of the Somersetshire rustics. “Finely”, was the reply. “She be just a-droppin’ off to sleep, so don’t wake ‘er, Garge.” Garge nodded. His slow brain comprehended…

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    Amazing Account Of A Limbless Beauty Show

    Dear Sir, – I am sorry that pressure of other business has prevented me from writing to you for something like a year, and I am afraid that this state of things is likely to continue. But, as you know, I am always very glad to report anything out of the ordinary resulting from my travels, and I am snatching a few minutes here and there to record an unusual recent experience that may interest readers. I was on one of my periodic visits to the States a month or so before the outbreak of the present war, and, as usual, was on the look-out of anything out of the…

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